Are you back in those rubber pants again? Who told you that you were to put those back on? You’re a real little perv, you know that? It’s bad enough you’re into the whole diaper boys and abdl nonsense, but rubber pants on top of that, good Lord. You really are a pitiable freak, you know that? I used to put you subbie guys into rubber pants as a punishment of sorts, but then I realized they are for some an aquired taste, and you started to wear them even when NOT instructed to! What used to be punishment, is now a sought after pastime. I will never understand you odd characters.

Some of my submissives prefer the bright yellow sorts that go with the yellow rain slickers and look like the hip waders fishermen wear. A rubber fetish is very exciting for many of these guys. They love the tactile sensation of the rubber pants against their skin. Especially against their cock and balls. Many guys into the whole rubber pants thing shave their entire bodies to cut down on the skin tugging that can result from putting them on and taking them off. They can use baby powder to help get into and out of them more easily as well.

The whole thing is pretty unappealing to a woman, I can tell you that much. What woman is going to be attracted to some head case in rubber pants? Not this one, I can tell you that much! I put some into the rubber pants for a punishment of sorts as I said. They can be hot, uncomfortable, binding. Yet some of the oddballs go for them……Sometimes it’s fun to combine the rubber pants with cock and ball torture. That I enjoy as well. So many of these worms deserve to have their cocks tortured……..